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Have you ever wondered why age-old traditions, customs and rituals are still being followed even today? And why do people feel so proud to have inherited an heirloom? Also, why are ancient recipes so closely guarded and protected to prevent the same from leaking out? Well, the answers to all these questions are the same It is because people would still like to be attached to their roots instead of being swept away by the tide of modernization and improvement. Sure, towns and cities may be participating in the rat race and developing, modernizing and upgrading themselves at a rapid rate but at the end of the day, even these must preserve their roots or traces instead of jumping on the bandwagon blindly.

When it comes to cities such as birmingham, which has a very vibrant nightlife, it is also important to preserve its rural character. While birmingham nightlife may be a lot of fun and frolic, there is no point of having it if the city loses its rural character because it is a crucial part of its identity. While on one side, it is important to preserve the city's rural character, on the other side the city must possess or obtain plenty of good economic business opportunities for its residents. Thus, it means that the city must develop at a fast rate but not so fast that it ends up snapping ties with its rural side.

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In order to ensure the cities and towns in the United Kingdom can be in touch with their rural character and maintain the same, there are plenty of companies taking care of the matter. A majority of these companies are non-profit seeking ones because they do not stand to gain profits from such activities. If anything, they are doing this for the betterment of the society as a whole and the residents. By preserving the rural or small town feel of Birmingham, it becomes an even more beautiful place for tourists to visit. Moreover, the rustic and rural appeal of certain parts of Birmingham that have been preserved are what makes the city so unique! In fact, it wouldn't be wrong to call it the best of both worlds because it offers urban comforts along with rural charm.

Birmingham is facing a huge development pressure, which is putting its rural character in jeopardy. Rampant and hard-hitting commercial development is not at all required because it destroys the very factors that make Birmingham popular. Thus, instead of having rampant developments, it would be advisable to have small-scale developments which still help in maintaining the rural character of the city while making sure that there are plenty of economic business opportunities for the residents of Birmingham and that the rate of unemployment is kept at a minimum.

In Birmingham, people can enjoy getting away from the urban jungle and enjoying the openness of the rural spaces. In order to preserve this open and rural character of the city, non-profit seeking organizations are working hard. Thus, this keeps the developments in check and ensures that they are in sync with the policies, goals and objectives of the ultimate plan for Birmingham.